Are you looking for a radiant & harmonious life?

Through intuitive healing sessions & workshops, my mission is to help people feel more empowered to live the life they desire. To break free from their personal struggles and to help them unleash their true potential.

I have helped people on their journey through experiences such as:

  • Physical conditions & pain such as eczema, chest pain, low energy, back pain, sciatica.
  • Health problems that can’t seem to improve with conventional medicine
  • Emotional pain such as heartache, depression, addiction
  • Difficulties having or finding a great relationship
  • Inexplicable financial hardship & bad luck
  • Feeling stuck in a particular area of their life


I do this by working directly at the source of the energetic imbalances that are creating pain and challenges.

Imbalances can cause health problems & undermine happiness, inner peace, abundance, good fortune and more.

These imbalances can be:

  • Unprocessed or suppressed emotions
  • Traumas
  • Past-life or inherited shocks
  • Erroneous Subconscious Beliefs
  • Fears
  • Different types of toxicity in the person or the environment
  • And much more

By healing the source or bringing relief around the issue, problems can transform rapidly and effortlessly. In some areas, I remove the energy blocks entirely, in other areas I provide some relief for you to change your mental or behavioral patterns.

What are the benefits of energy healing?

Results from an energy healing session are unique with each person. Many people have experienced great results from working with me such as :
  • Reduction of physical pain and symptoms
  • Change in perspective of the situation, which can bring inner peace or new ideas
  • Moving through fears and phobias
  • Reduction of stress and anxiety
  • Alleviation of heartache and grief
  • Heart opening
  • Moving forward and letting go of what was holding them back
  • Overall feeling of well-being
  • ‘A weight lifted off the shoulders’

We may be a good fit if you:

  • Are open to alternative healing (You can be a bit skeptical, with a genuine desire to give it a try)
  • Understand that you need to be a full participant in your own healing.
  • Are willing to see your life transformed, even if it means getting out of certain comfort zones.
  • Have a goal in mind in how you want to feel in the end.
  • Are willing to give it the time it needs. It may take some time after sessions. In some cases, more than 3 or 6 sessions are required.
  • Are open to hearing new information. To learn about things you never thought existed.

What people have experienced working with me

  • Amelie, you have helped me conquer some of my deep down fears and I thank you for that. You have an amazing talent. I was one of the skeptical for distance healing, but you have proved me wrong. The emotions you have helped me cleared up have helped me advance in my personal life as well as my career. You are amazing! Thank You – Karine, Langley
  • Amelie St-Pierre has a tremendous ability to identify the root of whatever issue someone has and use the best medicine to heal the person’s wounds. She has done several healing sessions on my behalf, including energy healing and shamanic healing, and every time I have felt major shifts physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Amelie’s approach is spacious and gentle, which made me feel safe to work on very difficult issues and be more receptive to healing. – Chrystal, Portland
  • I wasn’t sure what to expect from the healing sessions. On the other hand, I was at the end of my tether because I was having the worst eczema flare up ever. I didn’t have eczema before, but there I was, with eczema on my face and it was infected, itchy and refusing to go away for the last few months. With the remote healing session and with a non-specific issue (I had no idea what the cause of the eczema was), I didn’t know what was going to happen. I liked that you were able to offer flexibility around the scheduling because of the difference in our time zones, by doing the sessions during my sleeping hours. The subsequent sessions also uncovered the unbalanced chakras, and your probing reminded me of an issue that was bothering me, that we were able to work on. Within 3 sessions, together with diet control and Traditional Chinese Medicine, the eczema seems to be under control. Other than that, I think I sometimes feel an undercurrent of peace. For example, I’ll be walking through a park and feeling relaxed, but I sense an undertone of peace beneath the sense of relaxation. – Sook Han, Singapore
  • Ich wollte eine Veränderung in meinem Leben. Ich wollte aus dem Hamsterrad. Abendteuer und auch gerne in eine Partnerschaft, da ich einige Jahre alleine lebte. Jetzt habe ich Abenteuer und mein Leben ist um 180 Grad auf dem Kopf gestellt. Ich bin in in eine Partnerschaft mit meinem Seelensparter. Es ist die grosse Liebe. (I wanted a change in my life. I wanted out of the rat race. I wanted adventure and also to be happy, because I had been single for many years and wanted a partner. My life has turned around 180 degrees and I have found my ‘soul mate’. Great love. – Monika Bargmann, Germany

How to work with me

Head over to ‘Intuitive Healing’ and click on ‘Energy Healing‘ to chose the package that suits your needs.

Get 20% off your first healing package by subscribing to my email list. Your email is important to both of us and I will treat it with respect.

If you are not ready for an individual healing session or you would like to connect with your inner power, I offer meditation circles & intuition workshops.

Using shamanic principles, I help you get in touch with your personal inner garden where you can get insights and support to navigate your life.

I also teach dowsing, an innate tool to access information not readily available to the rational mind. Dowsing is a wonderful application in many areas of life and help you make better decisions.

More information on my Frequently Asked Question page!

Read my F.A.Q, I am sure your question(s) is answered on the page. If not, you can contact me by email.

  • I have to say, WOW. As you know until recently I have been a skeptic to most “Alternative” health/healing practices. But you are definitely making a believer out of me – Blake
  • This was wonderful. I feel more relaxed and centered and the feedback was very helpful. Thank you for your care! – Danielle

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