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intuitive healing port moody near vancouverHealing

Does your life look good from the outside, but inside you feel a malaise, a nameless discontent that can’t be ignored any longer? This work is for you if you can no longer stay where you are, but don’t know how to shift into a new state of being.

I have helped many people through intuitive healing suffering from hard-to-describe difficulties and pain. Specifically with people who suffer from chronic aches and pains, stress, low self-esteem, and relationship issues.

If you have reached a tipping point and are wanting to do something about: recurring emotional patterns, limiting beliefs, constant stress and/or fears that keep you overwhelmed and in pain, intuitive healing might be for you. Click here to learn how to work with me. Available worldwide through distance healing or in store in Port Moody, BC.

‘All I can say is I have been to many energy healers, Amelie’s treatment (from distance) was more powerful than many many other healers I’ve met. I’m excited to see the shifts and changes this brings to my life because I KNOW I had some major blockages moved.’ – Mia Lockhart, Nova Scotia

crystals gemstones port moody near vancouverGemstone & Crystal Store

Large selection of crystals and gemstones to enhance your life and assist with healing. As well as:

Many small points and items for crystal grids. Handmade bracelets, necklaces, and earrings. Unique gifts, gemstone packages, and more.

There are 2 options to shop with us:

Visit the crystal store in Port Moody – Customer appreciation card gets you $10 off every $100 accumulated purchase

Online boutique – Get free workbook on how to work with gemstones with a $50 or more purchase. (Prices online are in US$)

metaphysical events port moody near vancouverMeditations and Metaphysical Events

Group healing, workshops, and meditations near Vancouver. Practical and applicable workshops on how to access your intuition, improve your health & navigate life with more ease. Our customer appreciation card gets you a free event for every 10 events attended.

‘I’ve been going to your meditations and workshops for almost 1 year and can honestly say I really look forward to them and I am thankful they are affordable. I believe all of us have grown in some ways and look forward to whoever else comes through your door. The energy in your class is very, very gentle, healing and loving.’ – Sandra

Access the calendar of events in Port Moody

or, for a more up-to-date calendar (and to sign up)

Join the Meetup group

Amelie helps to uncover the energetic imprints that hinder a person’s full potential. Are you ready for a spiritual breakthrough? Let’s work together to clear up your energy and make space for the greater potential that lies within you.

She is also the owner of a quaint gemstone and crystal store and gathering space in Port Moody, near Vancouver, BC. You can find this little gem boutique in a vintage barn at the end of an alley road.


‘After the sessions the unexplained sadness and melancholy I used to feel disappeared. I no longer feel held by the past and no longer feel unworthy. And the dosage for my stress medication was reduced by almost half. I found your attitude very professional and your healing and notes have helped me realize where I needed growth. Thank you’Eiman, Pakistan

‘Amelie, you have helped me conquer some of my deep down fears and I thank you for that. You have an amazing talent. I was one of the skeptical for distance healing, but you have proved me wrong. The emotions you have helped me clear up have helped me advance in my personal life as well as my career. You are amazing! Thank You’ – Karine, Langley BC

I wanted a change in my life. I wanted out of the rat race. I wanted adventure and also to be happy, because I had been single for many years and wanted a partner. Within 3 sessions, my life has turned 180 degrees around and I have found my ‘soul mate’. Great love.

(Ich wollte eine Veränderung in meinem Leben. Ich wollte aus dem Hamsterrad. Abendteuer und auch gerne in eine Partnerschaft, da ich einige Jahre alleine lebte. Jetzt habe ich Abenteuer und mein Leben ist um 180 Grad auf dem Kopf gestellt. Ich bin in in eine Partnerschaft mit meinem Seelensparter. Es ist die grosse Liebe.) – Monika Bargmann, Germany

I approached Amelie at a point where I was deeply distressed, exhausted, overwhelmed with everything going around in that stage of my life. Letting her start her healing process helped in many ways in reaching out to the sour points in my past, be aware of them and work around healing them.’ – Dahlia, Surrey BC