About Amelie – Intuitive Healer

Do you feel lost, stressed or overwhelmed by your emotions?

My road to becoming a healer was from having to heal myself.

I get asked a lot how I how became a healer and what my journey has been and here is a broad overview.

All my life I felt like the little black sheep. I’ve always been very different from my family and friends in how I think, feel and what I believe in. I always knew there was more than just this body and life.

I could talk about my childhood and how it has been a catalyst to my spiritual journey, but I’ll skip to the main years of healing discovery.

The year before I decided to end my marriage, I went to see an astrologer to get some clarity and guidance over my life. I always felt I was meant to do something important but I had no idea what. Paradoxically, I was in an abusive relationship and completely overwhelmed by social anxiety, stress, and lack of self-esteem.

During this session, she told me I had a gift for healing and I should look into Reiki. I had no idea what it was at the time and decided to put it on the ice. A few months later, I stumbled across an acquaintance who just happened to be a Reiki Master. I went on to do all 3 levels of Reiki and then some Foot Reflexology courses over the course of a few years. I also discovered dowsing and studied the art and mastery of dowsing as well as the Emotion Code.

Then, Shamanism entered my life as synchronically as Reiki and I studied this beautiful spiritual practice with renown shamanic practitioners Hank Wesselman and Sandra Ingerman.

Over the course of a few short years, I healed myself of the social anxiety, raised my self-esteem, got in touch with my inner guidance and mustered a courage I didn’t think I had to completely change my life.

I know how difficult it is to feel stuck, in pain and overwhelmed by emotions. I was there for far too long.

Amelie - intuitive healer vancouverI also know that a new life can be just around the corner when we decide to step onto a new path. Every day we have the chance to make new choices and to change course. However, it is up to you to listen to the signs, hear the guidance and take a step.

Through my intuitive healing practice, I hope to help people who have reached a tipping point in their life gain a sense of inner peace and manifest the life they desire.

For many of the people who come to me are in a distress they can’t explain or even describe. Their lives may look perfect from the outside, but they are suffering from a kind of malaise inside. It may feel like a lack of meaning or some kind of emptiness or inner discontent. It is usually the result of subtle stresses that have been building up over time.

Often, they are getting ready to shift aspects of their old identity and to contact the deeper truth of who they are. This is actually a spiritual transformation. But they are usually not aware of the profound meaning of their pain or the lightness and freedom that is awaiting them.

By working on the energetic and intuitive level I’m able to help them contact their suppressed emotions, gain clarity, and balance what has been out of balance in their body-mind-spirit.

If this is you and you want to take that step, it would be my joy to work with you.

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I am located in near Vancouver, British Columbia in Canada. However, most of my sessions are done remotely with people from all around the globe.


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