Do you feel lost, stressed or overwhelmed by your emotions?

I am often asked, “How did you get into healing?”. I used to begin that answer by sharing the details of my life story. Now I’ve come to the conclusion that my life’s history is less relevant than the wisdom I wish to impart. Like many of you, my life has been a long and difficult journey. However, if there is one thing I know, it’s that no matter how you feel or how your life is, you have the power within you to create a better version of yourself and your life.

Recently I reflected on the qualities that allowed me to reach a fulfilling life and a sense of inner peace. Many years ago, I would have had a hard time acknowledging any positive or powerful qualities within myself. Now, in hindsight, I can see that these traits kept me going whenever I was ready to quit:






Most of these qualities were not fully turned-on or activated all along. They had to be nurtured over time, through different practices, including these 3 practices I will share with you now:

The first practice, which is of utmost importance, involves the ability to envision who you want to be and what you want your life to be about. Even with strong determination, it will be difficult to move forward without having any idea about what you are trying to achieve. It’s ok if you don’t have a grand vision right away. You can just start with pondering what your best self would feel like at this moment.

The second practice is about having radical self-compassion.

The third is extreme self-inquiry.

Please be aware that you must first have a strong practice of radical self-compassion before you should delve into deep self-inquiry. This is really important because when you start going deep within yourself and the patterns that make up who you are and why your life is unfolding a certain way, you are bound to find a lot of disturbing things. Uncovering these aspects is necessary if you really want to recover parts of your lost power and self-authority.

Paradoxically, if you hold a lot of judgment about yourself or how people and life should be, you will have a difficult time accessing these deeper truths. Judgments put up walls around reality. The antidote to judgment is radical compassion.

I am not referring here to moral judgment or the necessity to observe and assess situations. I am referring to certain conclusions we form that are not necessarily accurate or that are limiting.

As an example, let’s say that I judge the emotion and expression of jealousy. I may find that jealousy shows insecurity. Therefore I refuse to allow myself to become a jealous person and even negatively judge other people I think as jealous types. If I judge these emotions and their expressions strongly, the ability to perceive these energies and dynamics within myself will be low. And so, I may create and re-create situations and dynamics where jealousy and insecurity will come up to be transformed. My success rate will be low in dissolving these patterns and so they persist.

Throughout my healing work with clients, I have noticed that one of the main factors creating difficulty and struggle in effecting profound change is their self-judgment. When someone works with me I am able to move through these walls that have seemed impenetrable to them. As I dismantle the different layers, resistance lessens, and the related dynamics and life situations shift.

Continuous self-inquiry allows you to go deeper and reach other levels of truth, flexing your mind and spirit, opening you up to new possibilities that you’ve never dreamed of before.

Chances are, if you’ve brought yourself to my website, you are done with your old personal paradigm. You have reached a tipping point and are wanting to do something about recurring emotional patterns, limiting beliefs, constant stress and/or fears that keep you overwhelmed and in pain… Spiritual healing might be for you.

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Ps : I am located in near Vancouver, British Columbia in Canada. However, I work with people all over the world, as I work on the realm of the spirit and can connect remotely to your energy field.


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