About Me

My road to becoming a healer was from having to heal myself.


Introverted and highly sensitive by nature, I suffered from crippling social anxiety and stress for much of my life.

Going to school or the mall was excruciating for me. I tried to protect myself by hiding inside of a thick shell, but that didnʼt work. I tried to be extroverted and the life of the party but pretending to be somebody else didnʼt work either.

At the same time, as a daughter of a chronically ill mother, I became her caretaker. I had to be careful not to cause her any added worry and lived in continual stress.
Accompanying my mom to doctor visits from an early age and watching her suffer, I always believed there must be another way to cure illness that was not necessarily physical.

It wasnʼt until I was in my twenties dealing with the stress of getting divorced that I was introduced to spiritual healing, first through Reiki, then Reflexology and then through more emotional, intuitive and Shamanic studies.
Amelie's Manifesto

Thatʼs when everything changed for me. Working at the spiritual and energetic level transformed my life.

Within two years I was able to be in a crowd without feeling any anxiety. And now I even lead my own workshops – when speaking in front of people was the last thing I thought I would ever be able to do!

As a result of these profound and dramatic changes in my own life, as well as my work with clients, I know how powerful spiritual and energy healing can be.

Now I use my high sensitivity to tune into my clients, to intuitively pick up subtle signals from their bodies and energy fields that tell me what is at the root of their issues and how I can help them.

I use a blend of shamanic healing, intuition (clairvoyance & claircognizance) and dowsing to uncover and harmonize the energies that are causing and contributing to their distress.

For many of the people who come to me are in a distress they can’t explain or even describe. Their lives may look perfect from the outside, but they are suffering from a kind of malaise inside. It may feel like a lack of meaning or some kind of emptiness or inner discontent. It is usually the result of subtle stresses that have been building up over time.

Often, they are getting ready to shift aspects of their old identity and to contact the deeper truth of who they are. This is actually a spiritual transformation. But they are usually not aware of the profound meaning of their pain or the lightness and freedom that is awaiting them.

By working on the energetic and intuitive level I’m able to help them contact their suppressed emotions, gain clarity, and balance what has been out of balance in their body-mind-spirit.

I have also found that many physical conditions and pain are caused by energetic imbalances, blocked emotions, and subconscious beliefs.

A large part of my practice involves working with women (and men) of all ages and from all over the world, to help them move past painful experiences to experience their greater potential.

I have seen amazing transformations and profound relief working with clients in this way.

I also believe that healing doesn’t have to ‘take time’. It can happen in a relatively short amount of time and in miraculous ways. I have seen this over and over.

I’ve been awed by what I have discovered so far in this life. Through spontaneous mystical experiences and the deep exploration and healing of my own pains, I’ve resurfaced with hope, peace, and transformation.

Because of the power of spiritual energy work and intuitive healing I now also get to support the transformation of others. I am located in near Vancouver, British Columbia in Canada. However, most of my sessions are done remotely with people from all around the globe.


Not sure if this work could help you? I offer a free reading to look into some of the underlying cause of your malaise.

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