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How to have (more) compassion Last month I touched on the subject of interconnectedness and would like to expand from there. Does knowing we are all connected change anything for you? For me, knowing that we all touch the same ground and breathe the same air, fills me with a sense of unity. Like each cell of a body, we have a unique purpose and function, contributing to the health of the whole and forming a defined organism. When some of the cells are being attacked or weakened, part of the body cannot function optimally. This, in turn, affects the whole being. Most of us can survive a cold, but I don’t know anyone who likes to feel weak and achy. And if most of your body is in a weakened state of health, you are usually limited in some shape or form by that weakened state. Recognizing the sacred essence What if we could view every individual like a cell in our body, recognizing the sacred essence and purpose in every being? What if we could respect everyone, no matter where in the world they reside or how they live their life? I’m pretty sure that if you are …

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