Free Intuitive Reading

Free Intuitive Reading – Currently unavailable as my regular client workload is full

Free reading healingDo you feel stuck or in pain?

This free intuitive reading is to see if we would be a good fit energetically and if I could help you transform the underlying causes of your pain.

Because I can only do a limited amount of readings per week, please fill the questionnaire only if you are serious about finding support and are willing to invest in yourself. 

I will look into your field to see the first few causes that are coming up.  I tend to sense energetic, emotional and past-life issues more readily. 

If you are stuck in your relationship(s), experience digestive issues, anxiety, low self-esteem, depression or major fears this may help you gain clarity.

The reading may also be helpful for people suffering from physical pain that started after a traumatic event or which may have an emotional root cause.

If it seems we’re a good fit and if I believe I can help you, I’ll then invite you to book a healing package. 

You will receive a response within 2 to 5 days. Verify your spam box just in case it might have gone there.

Please note that this intuitive reading is not a healing. I will read the energies that need to be healed and cleared for you to experience a shift from this situation.

Here are a few feedback comments I’ve received from the readings:

  • Thank you so much for this!   Everything you have said is exactly what is going on.  I have been struggling with this for years and years but wasn’t aware that it would be related.
  • Thank you so much for the reading, I’m still processing it because you put soo much into it that I need to listen to it a few times!
  • This really resonated with me especially the liver cleanse, I’ve had that suggested to me before! Time to get onto it I think. Thank you so much
  • I just received your email. WOW!!! Very spot on!!!!!!

The free reading is currently unavailable. To book a session fill the questionnaire below