Before you book a session with me:

This work is for anyone who is open and ready to work at an energetic level. However, please make sure of the following before proceeding with energy work:

– You are in a good / stable condition and are not going through a mental or financial crisis. If it is the case, please talk to your doctor and find the care of a proper professional.

– If you’ve had a history of severe trauma it might best to work in collaboration work with a therapist.  I do not recommend energy healing for people who have not done previous work for major trauma with a professional such as a therapist or psychologist. You will need to be able to manage the emotions & information that comes up. I am not trained in psychology or counseling and do not offer talk therapy.


You can optimize your sessions with me if:

– There is some communication between the sessions. I like knowing what has shifted or not and where you are at, so I can focus on the most optimal areas every time.

– You read the paragraph below and follow the advice on how to prepare for a healing.

– You don’t try to analyze the notes too much. If they don’t make sense at first, it’s best to let it go. Healing is usually not a left brain process.

How do I book an appointment?

After you order an energy healing session or a package of sessions, I will send you an email to book the time of the appointment(s).

There are two ways to work with me:

In person at my Port Moody Studio

Remotely on a pre-determined day

An energy healing session can last anywhere from 60 to 90 minutes.

I will send all the notes of the energy healing session by email.

Working remotely is very much like talking on a cell phone. You can get a clear communication with no direct connection. Your name holds your energy signature and I use it to establish a connection.

If I purchase a package, how often do we meet?

We meet once a week or every second week.

Can I use a credit card to pay?

Yes.  You’ll be brought to either Square or Paypal where you can pay with a credit card (even if you do not have a Paypal or stripe account).

You may also send an e-transfer. The instructions for the bank transfer are written at the top right of the invoice.

How do I book?

After you fill the intake form you will receive an email titled ‘Choosing your healing package’ where you select and pay for the sessions. After that, you will receive the disclaimer to sign.

Once the disclaimer is signed you will receive a Welcome package with a link to the client portal and tips on how to make the best of the sessions.

Then I will send you a personal email with my earliest availabilities for you to choose from.

The whole process is easy peasy for you and me.

How to prepare for the healing?

Make sure you drink plenty of water before and after. Some people experience dehydration after the session ends.

Some people take this time to relax and meditate. And it’s a great time to contemplate and go inward.

However, I have also done distance work with people who couldn’t take any time away from their schedule. Those sessions were as effective as the in-person sessions.

The best sessions occur when the person:

  • Is ready to let go of what is not serving them anymore and open to adding beneficial ingredients to their life.
  • Understand that sometimes the healing is subtle and it’s easy to forget how we felt just before it shifted.
  • Does not expect a magic pill that will change their life in one session. Sometimes many layers must be cleared and additional conscious work, such as forgiveness exercises and acceptance, must be done. Healing is a life long process and is better achieved through compassion and acceptance.
  • Understand that healing is restoring the balance within oneself, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that all symptoms are gone or the issue is cured.

What if I want more information?

For questions about the ordering process please contact or at 778-668-6750