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Improve Your Life WorkshopsLife Improvement Workshops

Improve your life by learning how to use and put in practice your intuition and innate body wisdom.

Would you say some of your best decisions have involved not only your rational mind, but also your intuitive side?

In these workshops, I show you the art of asking and knowing using an ancient skill, innate in everyone. By tapping into your whole being, it becomes much more easier to improve your life at all levels.

Improve your physical and energetic health: Learn how to test the function of your glands and organs, how much water & sleep your body needs, and how to chose an optimal diet for your body type. Also learn how to test the health of your Aura, of your Chakras and of your Electromagnetic field. Keeping your energetic body in optimal health will help you maintain good physical health.

Space Clearing : Learn all the basics of space clearing so you can keep your house clear of the common culprits that are tampering your health and well-being. Regular space clearing helps us maintain good health, healthy finances & harmonious relationships. You’ll receive a checklist and learn a few ways to transform the negative energies in the space.

Achieve Your Goals and DreamsAchieve your goals  and dreams

Achieve your goals with applied intuition

This workshop will help you craft the best strategy to achieve any goals you have.

This can be applied to any goals in your personal life (health, love, career) as well as business ventures.

It will help you focus your time, effort and money towards the most potent activities.

Reduce the amount of guess work by learning how to use both your rational and intuitive mind.

We will take one of your goals and create the most potent action plan.

Living Your Potential – Monthly Manifestation and Support Circle

Do you feel called to step into something new or something bigger but not sure what it is exactly or how to make it happen?

If you would like to meet with other like-minded folks who are ready to step into new territories, gain insights and move forward with their personal or professional goals join us for a monthly circle of sharing and manifestation.

Manifestation using a crystal grid

Learn how to build a crystal grid and raise energies around a goal to support the manifestation of it more quickly. Crystal grids can really help to boost affirmations and open the intuitive channels.

Enhancing Your Life with Crystals : Learn 3 powerful ways to use crystals/gemstones in combination with energy techniques to enhance your healing and manifestation efforts. If you’ve been wondering how you can use your crystals or how you can use them in more powerful ways, this workshop will be packed with information as usual.

Shamanic Meditation WorkshopMonthly Shamanic Meditation Circle

The teachings of shamanism focus on human’s connection to nature and on promoting the harmony of all beings.

Shamanism is found in cultures around the world.It is an earth-based spiritual system grounded in developing relationships with spirit allies. It is an earth-based spiritual system grounded in developing relationships with spirit allies. Through journeying (meditation) & ceremonies we step between this world and the spirit world where we receive guidance & healing.

Using drumming and shamanic principles, I will lead you to discover how to heal and navigate your life at the spiritual level.

‘Every time I participate I discover another layer to what I need to live a happier life. I highly recommend coming with an open mind and no expectations, this will allow space for something new to enter.’ – Shannon, Riverwise Yoga Studio

How to Make a Medicine Bundle: During this workshop, we will journey to our sacred garden to discover the elements needed for our bundle. We will start to assemble the bundle during the workshop so you can start to fill your pouch with the elements you will need.

Shamanic Journeying and the Elements: 4 sessions series on Shamanic Journeying using the Medicine Wheel. Once per month, using Shamanic principles, we will journey on an element in order to clear the aspects of our personality that are related to that element.

  1. Air/East – Mental Self
  2. Water/South – Emotional Self
  3. Fire/West – Spiritual Self
  4. Earth/North – Physical Self

Chakra Sound MeditationChakra Sound Healing Meditations

Meditation For A Cause

Every Wednesday at 7pm. Using special sound healing track & crystals, we will explore a chakra and the patterns & dynamics in our life related to that particular chakra. The sounds will aid in clearing what is not serving you, as you observe and let go of what is surfacing.

Proceeds from these meditations are donated to the SPCA. You can view my Champion for Animals page here.

Meditation and Group Healing

Every second Friday morning from 10am to 11am. Experience a 60-minute sound meditation intended to help participants deeply relax. As part of the meditation, I will work on the energy fields of each participant and provide healing of the Chakras, Aura, Subtle Organizing Energy Fields or other fields as needed. This is a great time to commune with your Divine self and receive individual healing in a group setting.

crystal gemstone workshop in Port MoodyCrystals & Gemstones Workshops

Learn how to use crystals and gemstones to enhance your life.

Choosing and caring for crystals

Learn how to choose and care for crystals and gemstones and tap into their innate power to enhance your life and achieve your goals.

Working with Crystals to Enhance Your Life

In this workshop, you will learn powerful ways to use your gemstones to enhance your life and support your healing efforts. In particular, you will discover:

• Key combinations for any goals you have

• How to program crystals

• Ways to dissolves fears and limitations to create the life you desire

• How to create abundance in all areas of your life with the aid of crystals


Policies - Please Read

  • Please be on time, even 5 minutes before the scheduled start time. There is a lot to cover and it disturbs the energy of the circle if you come in after it has started.
  • If you can’t make it, please let me know as soon as possible. Text me if you need to cancel the same day.
  • Workshops fees are non-refundable. There are only a few seats available, so make sure you sign up in advance and commit to it. However, if for some reason you really have to cancel and there is someone on the waitlist who is able to come, I’ll be able to refund part of the fee ($10 admin & processing fee applies).

Boutique Map / Contact Information

Map of Liberate Your True Self Studio

– The boutique can be accessed at this location: 2220 Vintner St. Port Moody. It is located in a Coach House at the end of the street.

– There is only 1 parking lane (2 cars can fit) or you can park on the street.

– If you come by bus or train, you can walk through the lawn at 2224-­2226 Clarke Street to the coach house at the back.

– The Studio will be open at least 30 minutes before a workshop.


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