Intuitive Energy Healing for Challenging Times

Intuitive Energy Healing

“Sometimes we’re taken into troubled waters …not to drown but to be cleansed.” – Karen Salmansohn

In our evolution to greater spiritual awareness and wholeness, we can sometimes run into trouble, find ourselves floundering, confused, disoriented, or in deeper waters than we anticipated.

That’s because in the process of transformation we have to shed old skins and birth new ones, let go of old beliefs and integrate a higher understanding of who we are. But it doesn’t happen all at once, it happens in stages.

And we can find ourselves in between “selves”, where our old identity is dissolving and letting go, and our new one has not yet fully come into being.

In that awkward “in between” phase, we may feel very uncomfortable, wanting to change our inner landscape yet not knowing exactly who we are. All kinds of emotions and feelings may come up. We may even experience extreme states at times.

We may wonder if there is something “wrong with us” when really it is part of a natural spiritual process. This is the nature of spiritual awakening or “spiritual emergence,” It is a sign of growth, but when it happens you can feel stuck and need someone to help guide you through it.

My work is to facilitate the integration of spiritual awakening through intuitive energy healing. I help people who feel overwhelmed with their emotions gain a sense of inner peace, so they can experience more happiness and ease in their life.

I can help you

  • Release buried and trapped emotions from this life and others
  • Eliminate negative thought patterns that keep you stuck
  • Clear unproductive beliefs (such as feeling unlovable, unworthy, bad, wrong, etc.)
  • Disconnect energetic entanglements with others that are draining and detrimental
  • Alleviate physical and emotional symptoms
  • Eliminate self-sabotage
  • Free up a foggy mind and a heavy heart
  • Release lethargy
  • Release noxious energies such as curse and entities attachment
I continue to find spiritual intuitive healing to be interesting and the work Amelie has done for me and my family is an experience I will not forget. Amelie knew very specifics parts of my life down to details. I have experienced this with Amelie on Wednesday meditations, but to work more closely with her, for a direct answer I needed to fears that I was living within the current moment was very insightful to me. We all walk through life experiencing what is on the surface and if I can take anything from this work she did for us, I feel that she has taught me to be more aware of my life and others on all levels in order to heal. The healing she did for me has taken effect and while it was for something very specific within myself and my house, I feel that some of the energies cleared are on a more general level in my life. Clearing some of my fear has given me my power back to be more confident here in my home but has also led me to unexpected opportunities outside of my home that I acted with confidence in. Spiritual healing is a very powerful skill and while it is hard to “see” the outcome, I can feel it in all parts of my body and mind and spirit allowing me to be the very best me. – Adrienne

Are you experiencing any of these?

  • Feelings of overwhelm and anxiety
  • Lack of clarity – Feeling like you are wasting your life
  • Lack of stamina, confidence, and courage
  • Low self-esteem and powerlessness
  • A sense of an immovable impasse keeping you stuck
  • A sense of not knowing who you are, what your life is about, or how you fit in this world
  • Your beliefs are collapsing, leading to questioning what is real
  • Feelings of confusion and uncertainty
  • Fear of losing your identity
  • Symptoms of depression, although you may not identify with ‘depression’
  • Recurring patterns that are not serving you
  • Physical pain and aches

In addition, you will be able to

  • Open yourself to new experiences in all areas of your life
  • Feel more loving towards yourself and others
  • Reconnect with your spiritual self, giving you more clarity and confidence
  • Experience the deep personal growth that can result from a spiritual awakening

Although everyone’s outcome from the sessions are unique, here are some of the tangible results that have been reported from clients:

  • Deep and restful sleep
  • Reduction of/ or freedom from physical pain and aches
  • No more food sensitivities
  • Healthier relationships with family members
  • Finding a mate
  • Increased income
  • Confidence to express their needs, free of guilt
  • Increased inner peace, hope, clarity, and happiness
‘Thank you so much for all your work. I absolutely feel like it’s helped me immensely, and will continue to, as I move through a major life transition. Very shortly, I’ll be quitting my super cushy, financially stable job and taking a journey into self-employment, which was wholly inconceivable for me even a short time ago. So much fear, a lack of self-worth and low confidence were present, as you know! However, now I feel very much energetically lightened from your work.
Super interesting when the brain, out of habit, throws out a negative thought and there is no emotional resonance left to feed it. Makes it that much easier to recognize the thought as mental junk, replace it with something more constructive, and move forward. Thank you for helping me release these stuck and limiting energies and get back in touch with my “true self”, the one who knows I am whole, capable of manifesting my desired reality and safely supported by the universe in doing so.
Another thing I’ve noticed is a massive surge of creative energy, which is fueling this need to express myself authentically and share the results of my innate gifts and talents with like-minded souls. Before, I wasn’t really sure I had any value to provide, but now I understand and know that I do!’ – Michelle, Yukon
I’ve had several shifts already resulting from the healing work you did. Old feelings of hurt/unwantedness have passed and I’ve experienced deep clarity into some things that I want. I’ve noticed that I feel more excited and happy about what’s happening in my life and about what’s to come where before I felt more overwhelmed and unsure.  I’ve also had insights into fears and some false beliefs that I’ve been holding onto.  Thanks very much for the work you’ve done – Tawny, Vancouver BC
It was really, really helpful to have Amelie connect different time periods to trauma. I hadn’t even considered those certain periods and events in my life to be particularly traumatic. After our sessions, however, I was able to put a name to my experiences, and to realize how they affected me emotionally. Being fully aware has allowed me to now really heal those past hurts and to prevent them from any longer affecting my present life and reactions. I feel that I’m becoming much more balanced and no longer have an immediate fight or flight response to stressful situations. – Vanessa, Vancouver BC
You will never know if you don’t try! – Thank you to my friend for recommending Amelie. Thank you, Amelie, for working with me in your respectful and patient way. I have felt seen and heard with my struggle and always got answers to my questions if things were unclear to me. I appreciated that a lot. I feel a lot clearer, I also seem to handle emotional situations with more distance (= I can hop out of a vicious cycle of bad thoughts more easily than before). I am still awed at all the subtle changes in my life and I will still need more time to let everything settle a bit. Wow! Thanks! – Katrin, Germany
‘I’ve noticed that I am more confident in speaking my truth and putting my needs first. Less of seeking approval from others and I’ve been feeling less resentful.’ – Jeanny, California

This work is for you if you know you can no longer stay where you are, but don’t know how to shift into a new state of being.

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You may think that your feelings will pass and you just need to give it time. And it may for a little bit, but soon enough the cycle will return. Unless you address the underlying energies that are causing this feeling state and the problems in and around your life, you will keep on repeating the same patterns.

The root causes of problems are rarely at the physical. The root causes are almost always at the energetic and spiritual levels, which affect our physical reality and how our life unfolds.

The unprocessed energies we hold in our personal field are like the wind. They can’t be grasped or seen, but are a definitive force that can change a landscape unpredictably.

Have you reached a tipping point? Are you wanting to do something about: recurring emotional patterns, false beliefs, constant anxiety and/or fears that keep you in pain and stuck in your life? Then fill up the booking form to get started.

The process

I have developed my own intuitive process over the last few years. What I do is establish a connection with your Spirit and ask what is at the root of the specific issue(s) you are requesting help with, I then receive the answer through different psychic senses and make the necessary adjustments at the subtle energetic and spiritual level of your body. What I do is clear each energy (emotions, beliefs, fears and other) that comes up.

What I clear is cleared permanently. However, this kind of work is a work that happens in layers, that is dynamic and that is constrained by what you are ready to let go in each moment throughout your life.

How complex the energetic entanglements are will often affect patterns or recurrence until the work is done. Your free will and awareness are active contributors to this whole process.

What I do is make it possible for you to change your pattern by making space available for something new. You then make active and necessary adjustments to live and feel in a way that is enhancing your health and well-being.

Before you book, you may also want to read more about the process by reading the Frequently Asked Questions page.

Work with me

There are 3 packages to choose from

  • 1 session: Mainly for people who have worked with me and need a tune-up session or for people who intend to book a few sessions, but prefer to pay one session at a time. $150 (session last 1h – 1h30)
  • 3 sessions: Working mostly with the priorities of your body, we’ll be clearing the most pressing blocks to relieve your body of the stress it is currently under. $390(session last 1h – 1h30)
  • 6 sessions: With 6 sessions, we’ll be able to go deeper into the suppressed energies preventing you from accessing your fuller potential. We’ll make space for new happier experiences to enter your reality in terms of health, wealth, love and self-expression. $690(session last 1h – 1h30)

And two ways of working together: in person in Port Moody BC or remotely on a predetermined day.

Fill out the following intake to start the booking process. You will automatically receive a work proposal where you’ll be able to select your package, sign the disclaimer, and pay online.

If you have difficulty with the accessing the booking form, click here.

Clients Testimonials

  • I was very skeptical yet hopeful at first. Skeptical because I have heard of many people that claimed to be intuitive healers that don’t really have the ability and that many of them were just trying to scam people. I was hopeful because I know my family has been having problems that no other kind of healer can help with and encouraged me to work with you. I believe true healers with the ability exists, but they are not easy to come by and it is very lucky that one is able to find them in times of need. I now feel lighter, like weights have been lifted off my shoulder, and less crippled with fear. I still fear many things, but I no longer have scary visions. I also have a more positive mindset and I no longer hate myself as much as I used to. I have learned that I am flawed, but that is not a mortal sin or a fault so large that I shouldn’t exist. These sessions have helped me tremendously with me accepting myself and my situation. I have become a better, more positive person, and my normal day to day functions were no longer laden with fear. – Mai, Vietnam
  • I wanted more clearness with all my wrong thoughts and more clearness about what I wanted in my life! Now, I feel better. I am clearer in my head and I’m much more relaxed. All my worries about my family members are gone, so I get more focus about myself. I feel stress-free now. I feel fantastic. Few days after the first session I felt big changes. Thank you so much, Amelie for my new life with much more life quality. – Rainer Tito, Germany
  • It’s a sobering fact that most people are infected with one or more earthbound spirits and/or dark entities and they don’t even know it. These invisible entities can be thought of as the bacteria or virus that cause their hosts a variety of emotional, mental and physical problems which defy easy conventional medical solutions. People who abuse drugs, alcohol or suffer from depression are most vulnerable to “infections” by these entities which can cause an irreversible downward spiral.
    Our young adult son who suffered from a mild depression was vulnerable to infections by earthbound spirits and dark entities. We observed the deterioration of his mental state from a very sweet, caring young person to someone who was verbally abusive and exhibiting violent tendencies. His mind was under increasing influence from these entities which were inciting hate towards members of the family. He was being tormented more and more by these entities.
    Fortunately, we found Amelie at the right time. After one long session, she was able to repair his aura and rid him of these entities. We observed an immediate calm in him after the session and in the subsequent days, his mental state of mind became normal again. What a relief. No drugs or mental institution would have been able to help him.
    Amelie also retrieved fragments of his soul. He is now in a better emotional shape than ever before. We can’t thank Amelie enough for the work she did in ridding him of these entities.
    I encourage anyone whose relatives suffer from depression and/or drug/alcohol abuse to get help from this very Amelie right away before things get worse.  It’s definitely a good investment to rid yourself of unwanted “invisible” negative influences. Hai Le, Vancouver
  • It has been an interesting 24 hours. I did not read the notes until late last night, so the sensation of feeling lighter I experienced during the day before I read your notes felt uninfluenced and natural. The fact that you released energies that I could look back and connect actual experiences to was very validating to the process. Thanks, – Connie
  • Amelie has amazing intuitive abilities that helped me tremendously. I must say I was somewhat skeptical before our session, but experienced great results almost immediately. I highly recommend Amelie. A true professional! – Judi
  • I recommend your services a 100%. You are a very talented and gifted spiritual person. You have helped me understand negative beliefs about myself. Through the session, you have released many of the blockages. I also met a wonderful man, so I am very excited about that. – Dasa

More clients testimonials here.

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