Metaphysical Boutique

Metaphysical boutique in Port Moody

Each crystal and gemstone is carefully selected for its powerful properties mainly in the area of healing, abundance, harmony, manifesting and intuition. All crystals and gemstones in the boutique are cleansed and blessed.

Nice selection of unique gifts, gemstones, and crystals in Port Moody and the Tricities area. Local jewelry designer and artisans.

Weekly Meditations, Workshops, Healing

Preview some of what is in the boutique below.

wooden Bracelet with green agate and feathers

wood lava and amazonite beads bracelet

Larimar and jasper mala necklace

Agate Slice / Coaster

Agate Slice Clear White

Agate Slice Pink

Agate Slice Turquoise

Agate Slice Blue
raw aragonite cluster
lemurian seed crystal with twin

agate sulemani sphere


small agate sulemani sphere


shungite pyramid

Silicon in raw form

labradorite sphere

Aura Cleanser Spray

Bottle of Aura cleanser

Copper sphere

raw tourmaline

Sunstone Single Point

Sunstone single point gemstone

Sodalite Single Point

Sodalite single point gemstone

Rose Quartz Single Point

Rose Quartz single point

Blue Jade Single Point

Blue Jade single point stone

Amethyst Single Point

Amethyst single point quartz

Banded Fluorite Single Point

Banded Fluorite Single Point

Red Cornelian Tumble Stone

Red Cornelian Tumble

Himalayan Tumble Stone

Himalayan Crystal Quartz Tumble

Kyanite Tumble Stone

Blue Kyanite Tumble

Opalite Tumble

Opalite Tumble

shungite harmonizers for pockets

shungite cell phone plate


gemstone pendulums

Crystal Quartz Generator

Crystal Quartz Generator

Raw Amethyst & Rose Quartz Generator

Raw Amethyst & Rose Quartz Generator

Red Cornelian & Amethyst Generator

Red Cornelian & Amethyst Generator

Amethyst Generator

Amethyst Quartz

small quartz obelisk generator


Lepidolite Natural Point

Lepidolite Point

Chrysocolla Natural Point

Chysocolla Point

Angelite Sphere

tourmaline howlite and peruvian pearl mala necklace

bracelet made with round tiger eye beads

ganesh figurine made from clear quartz

crystal grid cloth with gemstone for manifesting vision and creativity

raw ruby

rhodonite heart

There is a flat $15 shipping fee to Canada & USA or you can arrange for pick up at the Port Moody Studio.