What people say about their healing sessions

  • When I met Amelie I was in a really sad part in my life. I felt stuck with a bunch of different feelings. Thru the sessions I saw the big picture for I was feeling in that moment.  Amelie was amazing in every session, she told me things that know one knew about it . Now, I feel really happy, relief and I don’t feel anymore what I was feeling before I saw her. A few things and feelings move for good in my life. Amelie is really amazing at her work !! – Adrianna
  • I was desperate to help my son who has mental health and addiction issues, and was looking for ways to help him. He has uncontrollable rage and tends to damage things when he is angry. We had to tell him the bad news about his driver’s license because ICBC sent a letter to say that they want his driver’s license and he cannot drive for 2 months. We needed to make sure that negative energies are removed from him as much as possible before we tell him the bad news. We didn’t want him to become angry and upset. With Amelie’s help and suggestion to remove the inherited negative energies from my son thru us, his parents, seemed like a great solution. My husband told him the bad news and he was calm. He accepted the bad news without any rage or any incident. – Anonymous
  • I was completely desperate and had lost control of my life and health when I came to you. I now feel more healthy and I have my life more balance, and financially it is also getting back on track.  As I told you, in December, I did make a switch in my mind and thoughts + I started meditation + you, I do believe all together we made magic!!! And in a very short time! – Anonymous
  • From Facebook : I just want to send a big love out to Amelie St-Pierre, a fellow Dynamic Woman (www.liberateyourtrueself.com) heart emoticon whom I met at the last North Van DWA, I knew as soon as I met her, she was a powerful healer and I want to tell you today about my experience. I booked her root chakra healing treatment (she actually has a special on it right now) that she does as a distance healer. I ordered it online and she let me know what day she would be working on me… which was yesterday. (she didn’t specify the time though)
    When I got home from work, around 5, I immediately felt quite tired so I laid down for a little (very unusual for my as I have 4 kids and 5pm is usually BUSY BUSY MOM time). I actually zoned out and felt a lot of things moving in my body. (I had been forewarned from her that I might feel like this) so I wasn’t worried, more amazed knowing that I was being worked on!! Later that night she sent me an email of the findings of my chakra clearing – which were extremely accurate ( the moments of my life which I locked limiting beliefs into my chakra), extremely accurate and thought-provoking.
    After a really deep sleep, I felt rested and did a chakra yoga sequence to help the opening process. Today was pretty unique too, although I know the treatment will still be taking effect over the next few days, even today, I felt a little more sure in my steps, I was given an unexpected bonus from my boss and I feel a definite shift of confidence.
    And this is after 1 day.
    All I can say is I have been to many energy healers, Amelie’s treatment (from distance) was more powerful than many many other healers I’ve met. I’m excited to see the shifts and changes this brings to my life because I KNOW I had some major blockages moved. I highly highly recommend you to visit her site, this is one heart emoticon felt recommendation. And I would never have met her except for this group!!
  • I would like to thank you again for the healing and conversation we had on Wednesday. After your clearing, I’ve been feeling so different, like I switched to a different frequency. I feel grounded, light and peaceful like the peacefulness is coming from my core. My days were also very productive. I try to hold that state for as long as I can and I’m very grateful for every day like that.’ – Martha
  • I wanted more clearness with all my wrong thoughts and more clearness about what I want in my Life! Now I feel very better I am more clear in my head and I’m much more relaxed. All my worries about my family members is gone, so I get more focus about myself.  That is more stress-free now. I feel fantastic. Few days after the first session i felt big changes. Thank you so much Amelie for my new life with much more life quality. – Rainer Tito, Germany
  • It has been an interesting 24 hours. I did not read the file until late last night, so the sensation of feeling lighter I experienced during the day before I read your notes felt uninfluenced and natural. The fact that you released energies that I could look back and connect actual experiences to was very validating to the process. Thanks, – Connie
  • Amelie has amazing intuitive abilities that helped me tremendously. I must say I was somewhat skeptical before our sessions, but experienced great results almost immediately. I highly recommend Amelie. A true professional! – Judi
  • Color therapy has been an effective meditation for me. Amelie’s work is at a level of which I am just becoming aware. She has zeroed in on specific points in time and issues that resonate for me. Reflecting together on these times and their meaning has helped me gain perspective and insight. – Cory, Oregon WA
  • You are Fabulous!!! Truly gifted! Nailed every aspect of my past with issues I was having. Thank you. Love & Light.
  • I am happy I have had the opportunity to experience this form of energy healing. It was impossible for me to cry prior and now I find the tears come so easy and it feels good to release. I would recommend it for others. – Carol, Coquitlam BC
  • Fantastic felt something happening right away like I was getting what I asked for. Feeling a kind of letting go of fears and a sense of calm.
  • I approached Amelie at a point where I was deeply distressed, exhausted, overwhelmed with everything going around in that stage of my life. Letting her start her healing process helped in many ways in reaching out to the sour points in my past, be aware of them and work around healing them. – Dahlia, Surrey BC
  • Very interesting and the results were making a lot of sense. On the same day I got the results, I had a sudden intensity in energy which I hadn’t experienced in some time. After that boost of energy, I felt very tired. I would definitely do it again, I will probably do. Thanks Amelie – MarieJo
  • Amelie, I cannot deny that something “shifted” over the weekend. I felt both tired and relaxed. I found that people who were normally standoffish were more friendly towards me. Her evaluations, times and dates were dead on. Got an insecurity monkey off of my back and don’t fret over previous problems. Kinda like seeing more clearly now that the rain has gone. Obstacles still there. Minus the self-blame and self-hate. – Doug Setter 2nd Wind Body Science
  • Wow, I didn’t even see the PDF report until today! I noticed an immediate release of pain right before the gig was complete. My neck cracked a bit like after I have a chiropractic adjustment. Today my neck ached a bit just like after an adjustment and I felt a difference! Wow. The report was exactly on!
  • It felt good to be taken care of. I was told where the issue originated, which was great, but having you clear it for me, was awesome. My body is much looser and flexible. Knowing how far back some of the issues are, was good to know. – Karen, New Westminster
  • She’s amazing and was able to pick up on things I never told anyone! Highly recommended! Will be back!
  • J’aime la patience, la douceur et l’écoute empathique d’Amélie; un doux réconfort dans notre vie parfois chaotique. Je me sens apaisée.- Chantal, Sherbrook QC