Trade-In Your Crystals & Gemstones

trade in your crystals and gemstones
Have you lost that loving feeling… for one of your crystals?

Do you often pass by that gemstone on your shelf, without noticing it? Yet another keepsake that fades into the background over time?


Often we are drawn to specific crystals, falling in love with them at first sight as they appear to us in a showroom display. At that moment, we resonate with the beauty of the piece. More specifically, we resonate with the frequency of the crystal or gemstone. At that moment in our lives, we most benefit from the empowering, comforting and/or healing properties emanating from a crystal… this is part of the reason why it may appear so visually stunning to us, singling itself out from it’s neighbours on display.

Over time – sometimes long, sometimes short – things change, we evolve. Our energies are fluid, dynamic and ever changing. The crystals and gemstones chosen to support our transformation may have successfully and permanently assisted our evolution. As a result, we reach a time when we no longer require a specific crystal or gemstone frequency. Thus, we no longer resonate spiritually and possibly aesthetically with our beloved crystals. But, we do still see and value the inherent power and beauty of them… we certainly don’t want to discard them.

Trade in and exchange your crystal and gemstones.

Here are some great benefits:

Preserve ancient geological formations and preserve the environment: Exchanging crystals reduces the demand for unearthing them. Ancient formations are preserved for future generations and remain intact to affect the resonate frequency of the Earth in which they reside. Less energy is used and less carbon is produced by reducing the extraction, finishing, packaging and delivery processes.

A wonderful opportunity to exercise non-attachment: Many of us include non-attachment in our spiritual and personal endeavours. Knowing when to move on and letting go of “stuff” are key practices in exercising non-attachment.

Free the crystal to continue its journey: Allowing the crystal to find others who resonate with it’s frequencies, renewing and extending it’s existential purpose. Someone else gets to feel as you did when you first found it! What a wonderful gift for the crystal and it’s new owner.

Save money: Yes, there is that important material benefit too. Receive dollars for trade-ins or use as credit towards purchasing new crystals and gemstones that resonate more deeply with you now.

How To Trade-In

1 – Come in the Studio Thursdays/Fridays afternoon or setup an appointment (

Liberate Your True Self Studio – 2220 Vintner St. Port Moody, BC

2 – I will go through your crystals & gemstones and make an offer in cash or studio credit. There is no fixed amount of cash/credit that I offer for a stone. Whether I take a stone and the amount I offer depends on a number of factors (weight, value, clarity, rarity, etc).

3 – Credit can be used against anything in the studio – smudging frequencies, jewelry, books, workshop fee, healing sessions, etc. – not just crystals & gemstones.

4 – Cash offer is usually 30% less of what the trade offer would be, so taking credit is a better deal.

5 – If you do not use your credit in full at the time of the trade, I will issue you a credit slip which you can use for future purchases. Don’t lose your credit slip as I do not keep records of the slips.

6 – The above policies may change at anytime. Please check back for possible updates.